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Leading Suppliers Of basmati rice From pakistan

TRUST | Our Footing

We base all our trading relationships upon the unshakable grounds of trust and honesty with our valued stakeholders.

Quality | Our Promise

Maintaining high-quality standards is an obligation that we have pledged to maintain in every step of our way to success.

Care | Our Strength

Our unmatched customer care services, sense of responsibility and duty have helped us shape our vision, mission and progress.

Our Journey

HAS Trading Pakistan begun its journey by catering to the needs of the local market by importing commodities likes nuts, spices and rubber back in 1969. The experience and goodwill the company earned over the course of the years has helped it to expand its portfolio into new horizons, including exporting premium quality authentic Pakistani rice to international markets.

Today HAS Rice Pakistan is a proud exporter of premium quality Pakistani sella basmati rice to major parts of the world. The company has brought Pakistan a new name in the rice exporting game and is now targeting to become a leading exporter in the market.


We have state of the art processing mills, with a total daily capacity of 150 metric tons.

Adding Value to Rice

Given its natural nutrient composition, rice is undoubtedly a prominent source of calories and nourishment for a large population of the world. It is a staple food for almost half of the world’s populace including those belonging to the continents of Asia and Africa. However, not all major consumers of rice are self-sufficient to meet their local demands and rely heavily on imports.

Factors like the natural topography, climate and population size of any region play a significant role in determining the type of crops that can be grown in its terrain. Providentially, Pakistan is among the very few geographically blessed regions of the world. It has made its mark in the global economy by becoming a leading exporter of rice around the world and various other agricultural products.

“Soils are developed; they are not merely an accumulation of debris resulting from decay of rock and organic materials ... In other words, a soil is an entity -- an object in nature which has characteristics that distinguish it from all other objects in nature.”

– C.E.Millar & L.M.Turk, 1943

HAS Rice Pakistan is a true depiction of the natural vigor and potential of the Pakistani soil. In order to reach our reputable position today, we combined our homeland’s natural resources with hard work, manpower and technology to develop world-class varieties of rice.

Our commitment to maintaining brilliant quality, excellence and distinction is an ongoing process that has enabled us to add value to our rice varieties and other products. By adding value we mean that we are continuously providing our customers with the most cost-effective product offerings – without compromising on the quality. Our two decades of experience as rice suppliers has earned us unwavering trust and confidence of our trading partners, allowing us to expand our networks in more than 50 different countries around the world.

HAS Rice Pakistan is more than a manufacturer of premium quality rice. We provide shipping, packaging, private labelling and delivery services to our customers at unbeatable prices. One of our major areas of expertise is our customer service program which can be contacted as per the convenience of our trading partners. We take our trading family very seriously and pay immense importance to their feedback.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”


Our Commodity Risk Management policies safeguard our private label customers from risks such as price fluctuations. This has enabled us to strengthen our relationships with them by earning their trust in return of our transparency and honesty.

In addition to this, our strategic warehouse locations, state of the art facilities and unmatched logistics have endowed us with a dominance like no other. We use first class shipping lines to assure timely delivery of products to our customers after transparent legal agreements.

When it comes to inspection and quality control practices, HAS Rice Pakistan leaves no stone unturned to meet global standards. Since 2006, HAS Rice Pakistan has been associated with SGS & Bureau Veritas to supervise pre-shipment inspections at our headquarters located at Port Qasim. In addition to this, the company also handles cargoes of our products at the Karachi port.

All of this third-party testing is a reassurance of our reputation as one of the most prominent exporters of rice of Pakistan. We are confident that our products are exceptionally spot-on when it comes to reliability, quality and performance.

For further maintaining the standards of our rice products and enhancing their shelf-life, we use the best packaging materials available in the market. They help us keep our rice products free from damage, moisture and pests. Moreover, our private labelling services give our customers the liberty to choose what they like from different styles, sizes and types of materials.

We guarantee that all products manufactured, produced and processed in our facilities, and under our name will be an embodiment of our core values. For price quotations contact our team at: